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Challenge for Achievement


As a newly formed Multi-Academy Trust, we are planning to bring our vision, ethos, and record in delivering outstanding special needs care and education, to consolidate what we already do and to develop our services as we welcome new schools to the Russett Learning Trust family.

We have a track record in challenging ourselves, the staff, our children and young people, their parents/carers and organisations we work alongside, to achieve the very best outcomes for all.We look forward to working in partnership with new schools, so that we work with them to further develop our vision to ” Challenge for Achievement”, whilst ensuring they retain their unique identity within their own communities.

Children and young people with severe and complex difficulties deserve the highest standard of provision. We believe that the “Russett Way” will maintain and enhance those standards to ensure those in our care maximise their education and life chances.

We believe we are at the beginning of an exciting journey and look forward to working together in delivering this Corporate Plan.
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Special Needs Academies Cheshire

As a multi-academy trust we believe in transforming education for a sustainable future. The board focuses on a number of core strategic functions – setting vision, ethos and strategic direction in order to deliver outstanding care and education for children and young people in partnership with all our schools across the Trust. Our staff are key to our future in sustaining and developing a highly skilled workforce working alongside parents and organisations in order to provide education across Cheshire and the North West, in special and mainstream settings to improve our pupils’ education at our special needs academies Cheshire.

We believe that children and those with severe and complex learning difficulties such as speech and language difficulties and visual impairment, deserve the highest standard of support. At our schools and academies in Cheshire and the North West we are consolidating and developing our services to achieve the best outcomes for all. Our special needs academy Cheshire trust ranges from primary academy schools Cheshire to upper academy schools Cheshire.

Specialist Academy Primary Schools Cheshire

Our academy primary schools Cheshire, alongside the rest of the Russett Learning Trust, provide a dedicated Community Outreach and Training Service (COaTS) in order to promote positive attitudes and encourage confidence amongst both our pupils and the community. We have a commitment to supporting the academy schools within our community to meet the requirements including those with special educational needs. In addition to this, our specialist academy primary schools Cheshire provide parent/carer workshops to discuss support and ways to prevent difficult behaviours at home through communication and teaching. These workshops are designed to help parents/carers and their children meet the challenges they face.

We place great emphasis and importance on supporting learning at our special needs academy Cheshire, by using a wide range of strategies including language, communication and sensory integration. All of these strategies are key to developing personal independence. Our special needs academies Cheshire teach a variety of subjects in order to provide a broad and balanced education, aimed at preparing our pupils and students for their journey through life.

The Russett Learning Trust Special Needs Academies Cheshire

The Russett Learning Trust believes that maintaining and enhancing the highest standard of provision for children and young people with severe and complex difficulties gives our students the best possible start in life. Our special needs academies Cheshire work together to ensure that all of our staff provide excellent support and opportunities for our students. At our academy primary schools Cheshire, we understand that starting school is a big step. We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible by establishing a positive relationship with you and your child, and by making classroom learning relevant, motivating and highly enjoyable.

At our special needs academy Cheshire and primary academy schools Cheshire, we recognise the importance of maintaining the highest possible standards. We follow a rigorous self-evaluation programme to ensure we maintain and build on the high standards we set ourselves. Through this, we believe that we can continue to develop a stimulating and effective learning environment for all of our pupils. Our primary academy schools Cheshire and other local academy schools involved in the Russett Learning Trust, believe in providing pupils with special education needs with the best possible opportunities to succeed and enjoy learning.

Our Trust

The Russett Learning Trust provides outstanding education for all our pupils and young adults with a range of Severe and Complex learning difficulties.

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Our Academies

The Russett Learning Trust works in partnership to ensure that all our staff provide excellent support and opportunities for all our children and young people to learn and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Coaching for Inclusion Partnership

To work in partnership with mainstream settings to improve outcomes for pupils with additional educational needs.

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