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Our Vision

Welcome to The Russett Learning Trust’s Corporate Business plan designed to drive our current and future thinking and development into the year 2021. We have formulated our strategy to be both useful and purposeful so that we can use and refer to it regularly throughout the next three years. I believe that my role within this plan is to work together with our board of directors; first, to create the vision and the strategic direction which will enable children and young people in our Trust to flourish regardless of their background or starting point; and second, to drive through these plans for the benefit of everyone within the Trust.

My commitment and expectation is that I, along with all other leaders, will constantly seek to motivate and empower staff to have a relentless focus on their own performance and that of our children and young people; and by forensically analysing data, ensuring that we have the best evidence-led practice and are being clear in our interventions. This may well require us to take tough decisions on our curriculum, structural costs and, therefore, our finances whilst we seek constantly to develop the collaborative culture across our Trust.

One of my most important roles is to build capacity in advance of need and ensure that we always can scale up without compromising the effectiveness of our existing academies/settings.

In uncertain times it is through our culture of excellence and the highest standards in all aspects of our work that The Russett Learning Trust will be best placed to respond to the needs of its stakeholders throughout 2018 – 2021 and beyond.

Fundamental vision

The fundamental vision of The Russett Learning Trust is to be a Centre of Excellence in providing Outstanding Training, education and care.

Delivering the six C's

What Drives Us

The mission of the Trust is that we will “Challenge for Achievement” and be relentless in our pursuit of ever improving outcomes for all through delivering the six C’s: Citizens, Challenge, Confidence, Creative, Community and Character.

What the six c’s look like


1. To prepare pupils/students for the next stage of their development.

2. To develop appropriate employability skills.

3. To provide learning outside of the classroom.

4. To encourage engagement in their local community.


1. For all pupils/students to be life long learners

2. To develop pupils/students skills to be able to stay safe.

3. All pupils/students to develop resilience to change and unpredictability.

4. To achieve excellent outcomes for all pupils/students.


1. To be confident and happy in all their learning.

2. To prepare pupils/students to be as independent as possible.

3. To develop pupils/students understanding and resilience to change.

4. To promote individual life chances and develop skills for future needs.


1. Pupils/students to develop a love of learning.

2. To deliver individual learning pathways.

3. To use technology to learn and develop creative thinking and independence.

4. To motivate and enthuse pupils/students through a personalised curriculum.


1. To promote an understanding of the wider community in which we live.

2. Each pupil/student has a place in society.

3. Pupils/students to engage in enrichment activities

4. To be aware of the environment in which they life and have an understanding of the wider world.


1. To develop personal qualities and promote tolerance and strength.

2. To promote self – reliance.

3. To promote pupils/students understanding of health, wellbeing and family life.

4. To develop well rounded pupils/students.