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Absence Requests & Medical Consent Form

Research shows that good attendance at school, positively impacts upon pupil’s success in learning. Good attendance helps pupils to achieve better results and supports them to fulfil their potential. Absences from the academy can result in missed opportunities, disrupt a pupil’s education and negatively impacts on their progress.

Reporting Absences

It is parents/carers responsibility to inform the academy of the reason for a child’s absence as soon as possible. We expect parents to contact the academy by telephone, e-mail or letter on the first day of absence. Where a child is ill, we should be notified of the nature of the illness and, when this can be predicted, the date that the child is able to return.

Term Time Leave

Following the September 2013 amendment to The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006, Executive Head Teachers no longer have the discretion to authorise holidays during term time. Leave during term time will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. Parents must complete a Request for Leave of Absence form in advance, which will then be considered by the Executive Head Teacher. Any requests for leave during term time will be considered on an individual basis and the pupil’s previous attendance record will be taken into account. If term time leave is not granted, taking a pupil out of school will be recorded as an unauthorised absence and may attract sanctions such as a Penalty Notice.

The absence request form can be found below…