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Challenge for Achievement

Our Vision

Corporate Business Plan 2016 – 2018

I am very pleased to introduce The Russett Learning Trust’s vision to 2020.
The fundamental vision of The Russett Learning Trust is to provide outstanding educational experiences for all learners by working together to provide a world class education through Challenge for Achievement and delivering the six C’s of

  • Citizens
  • Confidence
  • Creative
  • Community
  • Character
  • Challenge

In uncertain times it is through our culture of excellence and the highest standards in all aspects of our work that The Russett Learning Trust will be best placed to respond to the needs of its stakeholders throughout 2016 – 2020 and beyond.

Through a deep-rooted moral purpose, our partnership culture, we aspire to be a highly regarded established Multi Academy Trust offering outstanding educational opportunities and experiences.

I look forward to working with you to deliver this plan.

Catherine Lewis

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Headteacher


Joining a forward looking Multi Academy Trust

The Russett Learning Trust’s vision is to attract and work with a range of schools including

  • Special schools
  • Primary schools with a significant % of children with additional needs.

We will develop a good relationship with the Regional School commissioners to provide support for schools that have been identified.

Schools are welcome to approach the Russett Learning Trust directly, if they feel that the Trust would be able to support and develop them through

  • Sharing good practice and expertise
  • Developing a world class education
  • Providing a real choice for schools when considering their future in uncertain times
  • Giving schools the opportunity to focus on what really matters.
  • Providing greater security for small schools through flexibility in organisation and structure
  • Enabling economies of scale not available.
  • Providing and supporting freedoms to provide and match needs.

When a school converts to an Academy with The Russett Learning Trust, as the sponsor we will work in partnership with staff, pupils, parents and carers, to build on the success already achieved by the School.

The Russett Learning Trust brings a wide range of expertise and experience so that we can add to the best practice within the school and give additional capacity in areas where development may be needed


Our Vision



Our Core Values





Strategic Aims

  • To be a highly regarded Multi Academy Trust.
  • Achieve outstanding educational opportunities and experiences for all.
  • Share best practice by working in partnership to achieve outstanding education and care.
  • Ensure our pupils/students are fully prepared for the next stage.

Growth Plan

By 2020 to be an “established” 5 – 15 School Multi Academy Trust