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Welcome to Room 4

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In room 4, we enjoy exploring and having lots of fun with our learning! We have 11 pupils in our class. Some of our favourite activities include: Forest Schools and swimming! We are all friends in room 4 – we made our own class rules and follow them every day. Our class rules are: kind hands, kind feet and kind words. We always look forward to Friday afternoon to find out who has become a “star of the week” we are also great at supporting our friends and help each other daily.

The staff in our room are:

  • Emma, (Class teacher & Forest School Lead)
  • Rachel
  • Marie (M,T,W,F)
  • Kelly (M-Th)
  • Dawn (Th,F)

This term our Coastal Learners are looking forward to…

Continuing to develop our early communication skills to support us to express our wants and needs, and using our thinking and problem solving skills in our maths sessions, as well as focussing on our independence skills.

Our Countryside learners will be…

Continuing to develop our communication systems so we can share our wants, needs and thoughts with others. We will also continue to develop our knowledge of phonics to support our reading skills. We are also focussing on our thinking and problem solving skills in maths, using counting to add and subtract numbers.

Pupils accessing our City pathway will be…

Continuing to develop sentence building and writing skills along with phonics to segment and blend different sounds to read a variety of words. In maths, we will be looking at adding, and subtracting as well as exploring money. We will also continue to develop our social and emotional skills to allow us to develop friendships and become more independent.

Reading in Room 4

Our focus story this term is Matilda! So far we have really enjoyed exploring the different characters and we certainly don’t like Miss Trunchbull! We have also been working hard on remembering our ‘useful’ words to help us to read with more independence.

In addition we have sessions planned for:

  • Magic Carpet on Wednesday
  • Lightroom on Wednesday
  • Forest Schools Wednesday
  • Yoga on Thursday
  • Additional activities e.g swimming, Living Eggs, Bikeability coming soon!

Please see our class timetable for more information.

In Room 4, we capture evidence of our learning through Evisense. Please check your child’s page to see what we have been doing!

Class Timetable