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Welcome to Room 1

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Our class teacher is Jessica Whalley and our learning is also supported by Julie Egerton and Jessica Green.

In Room 1 we create as many opportunities for fun as possible to help us to get off to the best start of our school journeys. We take part in lots of activities that focus on developing our confidence and independence. Room 1 has access to a fantastic resource set which enables high quality continuous provision to support play, social skills and communication. We take part in short daily sessions, in addition to planned, targeted and structured play to enable us to develop our ideas about ourselves, and the world around us.

Daily, we are busy exploring the different areas in our classroom both inside and outside. We aim to extend learning through the use of as many opportunities outside of the classroom as possible.

In Room 1, we explore themes per term.

This term, our focus is ‘On the Farm’.

This term our Coastal Learners are looking forward to developing communication skills within ‘my communication’ sessions, working with switches, making choices and using a range of strategies to develop choice making and requests. We use a range of motivators daily and benefit from intensive interaction and Attention Autism sessions which promote increased attention, engagement, and choice making.

In ‘my thinking and problem solving’ pupils will work towards experiencing number songs, developing confidence within cause and effect and anticipation opportunities.

Coastal learners benefit from daily sensory input within the classroom and school environment, creative topic sessions and developing awareness of ourselves, and the world around us. This will include music, dance and nature walks outdoors to explore a range of environments.

Our Countryside learners will be exploring ‘my communication’ and building on request based communication, developing confidence to identify what we want and need. Our daily sessions enable us to develop commentary on stories, size and colours using carefully planned resources with support from Speech and Language Therapists.

Our Countryside pupils will also use songs and rhymes to, develop their skills with numbers and the number systems, colours, shape and size.

Throughout Science, pupils will explore parts of flowers and plants, take nature walks and develop awareness of how to grow plants and flowers through planting seeds and observing growth.

Pupils accessing our City pathway will follow Floppy’s phonics, and continue to develop communication systems to express thoughts, wants and needs. We work to develop confidence and independence within communication systems, and support this throughout the school day. Throughout English sessions, we will also undertake opportunities for mark making and letter formation, in addition to sharing a wide range of stories.

In Science, we are currently learning about plants and how they grow. After planting our own we will make observations about how they grow and what they need to survive.

Throughout topic sessions, we are developing ideas of the farm, animals that live on the farm and stories relating to the topic too.

Reading in Room 1 is encouraged daily with all of our pupils and book bags are sent home to encourage the sharing stories, and a love of books. We read together as a group, and again as individuals to explore turning pages, and use books as a support system for our communication. We appreciate the importance of creating a culture for reading, and inspiring pupils through stories. By reading, you are exposed to so many wonderful things. This helps your imagination when it comes to creating and thinking. By reading, you are painting those pictures of the story in your mind. Books can take you anywhere you want to go. We would like to celebrate this, and commit to daily exposure to stories, reading and sharing experiences.

Our stories this term are; Noisy Farm, A squash and a squeeze, and Old Macdonald.

In addition we have sessions planned for the following;

  • Magic Carpet on Friday afternoon
  • Light room on Monday morning
  • Forest Schools on Wednesday
  • Yoga on Thursday afternoon
  • Balance ability every Wednesday and Friday morning
  • We also have a planned trip to the farm before the end of the year

Please see our class timetable for more information.

In Room 1, we take lots of photos and videos of our learning. We capture evidence of our learning through Evisense. Please check your child’s page to see what we have been doing!

Class Timetable